Setting Up Geographic Location Restrictions

Then, at the bottom, simply select either Decline or Approve. To get to the Time Settings. Log in to RUN and click the settings button on the left-hand side.This will open the Settings screen. Without this feature, service-based businesses may find it difficult to perform accurate by-the-hour billing. You also won’t be able to compare time-cost projections for a project to the actual time tracked to assess efficiency.

Location-based restrictions determine where employees and supervisors need to be in order to clock in or clock out. They can be applied to mobile app and personal computer clock ins and clock outs. With our app, you can see all paid time off (PTO) requests in one place, so you can quickly approve or deny them.

  1. This means no file download or upload is required — all employee records will sync from OnTheClock to ADP automatically.
  2. Overtime with Timekeeping Plus is automatically assigned based on your employee’s work location.
  3. If you wish to remove employees from specific locations, click on manage employees.
  4. 13.

After copying, a confirmation screen will pop up where you can confirm Copy schedule to next week or Cancel. Once we’ve entered the information, we have the option at the bottom to save as draft. Many things will show up with little notes like this on the schedule, such as scheduled overtime. If you wish to make edits to a schedule, click on the Pencil Icon to change the existing shift. If you wish to delete, press the Trash Can Icon to remove the shift completely. In the Time Off Requests slide out, first select the time off request you would like to manage.

Scroll down and click on Time Settings. Here you’ll find many different settings options organized into sections. Scroll down to see the overtime policies under each state.

If the employee is enrolled with Fingerprint, the employee must place their finger directly on the Fingerprint Reader attached to the device. After a short period, you will see a Welcome to ADP Time screen. Log in with the admin credentials you use for ADP RUN. Use a level to confirm that everything is straight before you mark off the location for the screw holes. Then screw the four small silver screws into the holes to attach the mount to the device.

This is useful if you want to verify that an employee is clocking in and
out from the correct location. You can view this information even if the
time pair created at the data collection terminal has been changed in
the Timecard Manager. With time tracking data, you can boost your staff’s productivity, create optimized schedules, and pay employees accurately for their labor. Interactive time tracking allows employees to track time by starting and stopping a timer when they’re working or taking breaks, respectively. The app will only collect time data while the timer is on. Unfortunately, the ADP time tracking feature doesn’t include this functionality.

Data Fields

With our easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly create and edit shift schedules for your employees in minutes. With OnTheClock’s free mobile apps for iOS and Android, your employees can easily clock in and out wherever they are. And since all their time-tracking data is synced in real-time, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of employee hours again.

Automatic Overtime Calculation

Since this is for Salary employees, let’s call it as such. Here we can see all there is already a Personal Paid Time Off plan for Hourly Employees. Timekeeping Plus allows you to create multiple plans of the same type for different employee groups. After you select the person, you will customize the PTO plan for, Click on the Paid Time Off option on the Left-hand side. From RUN, navigate to People on the left – hand side. If an employee is already added to the plan, they will have a gray check mark next to their name.

Can ADP track where you clock in and out?

This will show you the total number of occurrences employees have accrued. These could include working overtime without permission, clocking too far from their work location, and being late, to name a few. This is the Things to Do tile. can adp track where you clock in This will show you if your employees missed a punch this week, or if they have requested time off. Simply click on these links to fix punches or decide on a request. On average, geolocation is only accurate down to 100 meters.

In this article, we’ll explain how to track time with ADP’s native time tracking tool and describe its features and limitations. We’ll also present five alternative employee time tracking tools that you can use parallelly with ADP. ADP automatically puts the summary tiles at the top of the screen, as well as the breakdown of hours below that. A signature line is automatically generated if you need to have the employee sign and date the timecards for your records. Press print when ready to print the timecard.

From RUN, navigate to settings on the left-hand side. Clicking on the Holiday Settings tab will open the holiday configuration screen. By default, Holidays are off. From here they can be toggled on. This will open the Time Settings screen.

12. This is the Timecard Status for Payroll tile. Make sure you correct any missed punches and approve those time off requests before you process. This is the Time Off tile. Here we can see the breakdown of time off for the employees. Pending requests are shown in yellow, while approved requests show in green.

Help protect your business from time theft.

To log in with Pin Entry, the employee must enter their badge ID on the Keypad. From here you can see employee badges, enroll employees, and unenroll employees once the device is setup. Once everyone is enrolled, or if you are not ready to enroll employees, tap the X, then select Done. You can enroll employees right away by tapping ENROLL BIOMETRICS. Here you can request a co-worker to cover your shift.

Let’s now discuss some of the drawbacks of using ADP time tracking. The app will then record hours worked and display the compensation employees can expect. To get back to the Employee Enrollment screen, top the dots in the bottom right corner, then selecting the Supervisor icon. Name the device.

Even then, employees can’t create time entries for assigned tasks in ADP. Here you can see your employees and their enrollment status. If you are using PIN, you can view and give your employees their Badge number. This can be changed in RUN under the employee’s profile.

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